What's on Your CMMS Wish List?

Posted by Corrigo on Dec 1, 2020 8:00:00 AM


As the holidays quickly approach and we prepare for some much needed celebration with family and friends from an acceptable social distance, thoughts turn to wish lists and giving. Here are a few good items to add to you CMMS wish list.

Fortunately for us, Corrigo’s been a good CMMS all year long…actually, about 20 years long. We’ve checked our list twice and we’ve got you covered.


GPS Tracking

An exceptionally beneficial feature in CMMS is the ability to utilize GPS functionality. Verifying remote tech check-in/check-out assures you that workers are on location and for the length of time they bill for. You can also provide coordinates to locations and assets to eliminate confusion and improve arrival times. It let’s you keep track of multiple technicians at multiple locations without having to physically be on site.


Business Intelligence: Benchmarks

Benchmarks allows you to see how you stack up across your organization or how you stack up against our diverse customer base across a wide landscape of industries. See if your costs are too high. Adjust levels dynamically based on trade, geography, work order type, or other attributes. See which of your vendors are best-in-class and replace vendors with sub-par performance.


Business Intelligence: Insights

Insights allows you to dive deeply into financials, optimization, and assets with graphic-based dashboards that are easy to understand and modify. Monitor spending across specialties, geographies, and other factors. Highlight your top performers and identify opportunities for improvement. Get data-driven, repair-or-replace recommendations for your equipment.



Easy-to-use automation for building maintenance scheduling gives you hours back in your day. With automated work plans your techs and vendors accomplish more on every job. You can catalog safety hazards and other issues at the store level you may not have previously been aware of. Set multiple procedures to generate at different intervals during a PM to match seasonal work.


Incident Reporting

Effective and timely response to incidents is essential to protecting both your company and your stakeholders, as well as ensuring the safety of employees and customers. Your CMMS should help you identify incidents, quickly react and respond to them, notify interested parties, and document the follow-up investigations and new preventative measures.


Pizza Party

If all this talk about CMMS functionality hasn’t put you in the holiday spirit, then how about a pizza party for you and your team? Click here to set up a brief demo with our team and find out why our platform is at the top of everybody's wish list.


And, Happy Holidays from the entire Corrigo team!


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