What's Your FM IQ?

Posted by Troy Batchelor on May 1, 2020 12:15:00 AM

THE SMARTER YOU WORK, the better your business runs. But is sifting through piles of data really “working smart?” Instead of building spreadsheets and crunching numbers, raise your FM IQ by focusing on the four types of FM intelligence: business intelligence, artificial intelligence, collective intelligence, and human intelligence.

When your data is distilled into meaningful insights, you have the power to make better business decisions. Today’s facilities managers use business intelligence to compare suppliers, see team performance in real time and control costs that impact their budgets.

The FM industry is changing fast, with new tools everywhere. To keep up, start using technology-powered business intelligence today.

Today, 83% of businesses say AI is a strategic priority. But only 23% of businesses have incorporated AI into their processes.

With the right AI in your platform, and by automating menial tasks, you can focus on big-picture goals. Functions as simple as automating invoices can greatly impact your overall workflow and your bottom line.

When facing a tough challenge, it’s comforting to know others have been there, too. With collective intelligence, you benefit from the experience and data of other facilities. CI shows you how other facility managers handle the same challenges, which solutions worked, and which ones fell flat.

Around the world, businesses use and analyze less than 0.5% of all data. Fortunately, FM leaders in the Connex and Corrigo communities are changing that. How? We take advantage of benchmarking programs that pool data across industries gathering valuable, scalable insights. We’re turning big data into better intelligence so you can make smarter decisions, time after time.

While smart technology is essential to strong FM, nothing happens without smart people. In fact, the human brain is capable of 1,016 processes per second — making it more powerful than any smartphone or computer.

The best way to stay sharp in the FM industry is simple: learn from other facilities managers and top service providers. Organizations like Connex and Corrigo offer plenty of ways to help you grow your expertise and your professional network — both in person and online.

Corrigo makes it easy to raise your FM IQ. Our team of FM experts, world-class software engineers and data scientists are using powerful BI, AI, CI and HI to create more successful facilities across the globe.

Visit to see how you can streamline workflow, protect assets and maximize your impact today.

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