Roto-Rooter Deepens Customer Relationships with Corrigo

Posted by Christie Turner on Sep 3, 2019 10:48:30 AM




“We would have never made that fundamental shift in our company [without Corrigo].” – Reuben Parker, Corporate Account Manager, Roto-Rooter 

Since 1935, Roto-Rooter has provided residential and business customers with top-quality plumbing, drain cleaning and water cleanup services. These days, the business includes more than 100 company-owned branches, 400 independent franchise operations and is the largest player in its industry in North America, with additional franchise locations around the world.  

Roto-Rooter has also been a CorrigoPro user for many years, invited to the platform by Corrigo customers who trust and rely on Roto-Rooter. 

According to Reuben Parker, Corporate Account Manager, customer insights from the CorrigoPro platform “gives us an opportunity to sell them services they might not have thought about Roto-Rooter providing.”  

Make Your Job Easy 



Corrigo’s cutting-edge, mobile-friendly CorrigoPro platform makes communication effortless and nearly instantaneous. Everyone in the facilities operations chain is in the loop, from the request originator to the responding technician, and everyone knows right away if something isn’t going to plan. Which means faster response times, higher productivity and, ultimately, money saved for both the customer and Roto-Rooter. Reuben explains that being connected to Corrigo, “It saves us from sitting in the field waiting for someone to answer a telephone, respond to a fax [or] respond to an email.” 

As a connected Corrigo service provider, Roto-Rooter has actually transformed its business. By shifting from a reactive posture that responded to customer requests to a proactive model that anticipates customer needs, Roto-Rooter has fundamentally changed how it operates and how it meets its customers’ evolving expectations. Roto-Rooter was founded before the digital revolution, but connected to Corrigo, its customer relationships are thriving in the Intelligence Economy.  

With a communications chain that creates clarity rather than confusion, Corrigo is enhancing operations for Roto-Rooter. How does Reuben sum up his Corrigo experience? “It makes our job really easy.”  

Learn more about how Corrigo can grow your business. 

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