October 3, 2019

PRESS RELEASE: Corrigo Partners with Assurant to Launch Corrigo Assure

Corrigo Partners with Assurant to Launch a Revolutionary Proptech Solution Greatly Reducing Risk in Commercial Service Provider Insurance Compliance

New Corrigo Assure offering digitizes service provider insurance monitoring, screening, and compliance at the policy level to deliver real-time intelligence to spotlight areas of risk and exposure

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September 30, 2019

COIs are an industry-wide problem. Luckily, Corrigo Assure is the new, better way to handle insurance risk.


As someone who’s been in the facilities management business for a while, you’ve seen a lot of changes. Paper turned digital, phone calls turned into text messages, and now coolers and HVACs tell us when they need service. All things considered, change has been for the greater good, but somehow there’s one thing that has stubbornly, persistently, never changed. And trust me, it’s not for the greater good.

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