Elite Service Pros show the future of facilities management

Posted by Christie Turner on Dec 11, 2019 6:00:00 PM


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If you're hiring service providers to help you run your facilities, you know it's pretty subjective. You may conduct interviews, collect references, require new vendors to fill out an RFP or a lengthy application process. Doing the homework is necessary, but doesn't guarantee that whoever shows up is going to do great work. 

Wouldn't it be great to know the BEST providers, based on the work they've actually done? 

The Elite Service Pro designation is all about honoring the VERY best-performing service providers in a given geographic area.  

Technology Savvy, Honest, and Responsive

Data captured by Corrigo customers and service providers as they're working together indicates that Elite Service Pros deliver honesty in invoicing, efficiency, and speed of response.

Elite Service Pros are also leaders in mobile technology adoption. Our research also finds that top performing Service Providers rely on technology to support their successful service delivery. 

What it takes to be an Elite Service Pro

All Elite Service Pros have been selected for their outstanding delivery of Flawless Work Orders, which is an objective and stringent measure of their performance. Honorees also average 85% or higher on subjective customer satisfaction scores provided by the people who live or work in the buildings they maintain. Elite Service Pro Honorees for each Smart Zone have completed a qualifying number of work orders in that Smart Zone within the lookback period.


Flawless Work Orders™

A work order is completed Flawlessly if it is:

  • Completed on time, as specified by the customer Service Level Agreement (SLA)
  • Completed on the first visit
  • Customer-rated positive or neutral, if available (not everyone electronically verifies or rates every work order they send)

Corrigo Smart Zones™

A Smart Zone is a geographic area in which Service Providers deliver services. Smart Zones are drawn to reflect local commutes and working patterns across ZIP codes and city limits. 

More about the Elite Service Pro Intelligence Methodology

Our research examines:

  • whether the honorees acknowledge, start, complete, AND invoice their work on-time as specified within the customer SLA.
  • any instances where work was verified negative or incomplete.
  • whether the companies use mobile GPS during check-in and check-out
  • whether their technicians are actually on-site, according to mobile GPS, when recording their start and stop times for each job completed
  • Average percent of NTE invoiced shows whether a service provider consistently charges right up to the NTE amount set within Corrigo, or whether they seem to charge only for work performed.

Be sure to congratulate the high-performing Elite Service Pros! 

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Atlanta, Ga: Elite Service Providers

Electro Plumbing and Drain Service @electroplumbinganddrainservice

  • Highest percentage of Flawless Work Orders

Blue Chip Air, Inc. @BlueChipAirInc

  • 100% of verified work orders were positive
  • Highest Customer Satisfaction score

Ehrlich Pest Control in Marietta, GA @EhrlichPestControl

  • 100% of verified work orders were positive

OFFICEIMAGES, INC. @officeimages

  •  100% of verified work orders were positive

Command7 @command7LLC

BrightView  @BrightView

Lakeside Project Solutions

Purcell Mechanical, Inc.

Precision Electrical Contractors, Inc.

Work like an Elite Service Pro