During Reopening and our Next Normal, CMMS is critical to make it all work

Posted by Scott Barker on May 31, 2020 11:45:00 PM


Facilities management software gives your team superpowers during uncertain times

Whether you have been open as essential businesses throughout the pandemic or in a cocoon for weeks, your daily life is changing fast. Diving headfirst into “business as usual” will most likely send us back into hibernation…and none of us want that. But exactly what we’re all supposed to do differently now is unclear, constantly changing, and potentially costly.

So how does the right technology help your facilities team navigate this uncertainty? There are a few things we know to be effective, no matter what.

Touchless Work Order Management

Working from the right CMMS gives you the flexibility to bring techs and vendors in after-hours, never touch a piece of paper, and minimize face-to-face contact while staying in close communication with everyone who’s doing the work.

Here are a few ways that plays out:

  • Using GPS tracking verifies when each technician and service provider arrives and leaves. This is both more accurate and safer than signing in and out on paper. It’s also helpful if contact tracing becomes needed.
  • In some environments, it’s still common to physically walk around and look for technicians or janitorial staff when help is needed. This is both inefficient and, in a pandemic environment, inconsistent with safety standards. A smart CMMS takes your electronic cry for help to the right person, and gets them there faster, than the “hey, have you seen Joe? Wasn’t he just here?” method.
  • Using a smart CMMS, immediately alert your team when things change…for the better or worse. This is no time to rely on notices tacked on bulletin boards, work orders printed out on clipboards, or manually retyping technician notes back into your system at the end of the day.


Flexible Facilities Management

When things are changing fast, and different in every jurisdiction where you work, spending hundreds of administrative hours each time you have to change course isn’t an option.

  • New rules and regulations: Every jurisdiction and company seem to be implementing their own COVID-19 protection regulations, with their own procedures for COVID-19 disinfecting. Automating the work orders and procedures that match this blizzard of requirements will save you time and reduce facility downtime. It also gives you a handy paper trail.
  • Planned projects: Are you opening in stages? Schedule and automate everything to be ready for each stage. Maybe you’re installing sneeze guards, reconfiguring space, installing signage for social distancing. Your projects all get done faster and more consistently with a smart CMMS -- the work plan is clear, documented, and in the hands of everyone who needs it.
  • PM management vs reactive work: Quickly and easily rebalance what's getting done as priorities change. Being able to mass-change existing work orders, (re)schedule maintenance, and put things on hold is part of our next normal. The right technology makes it fast and easy to do this.
  • Incident management: Do you have a process if there’s a suspected or confirmed case in a facility you manage? How are your protecting your people and how quickly can you have a disinfected facility reopened? Is your communication plan baked and ready?
  • Vendor sourcing: Some estimates say that 30% of small businesses will have to close. That makes finding and accessing qualified service providers a difficult task. Where do you find vetted pros? A smart CMMS offers you a stable of verified, quality pros. You’re not randomly picking vendors from a phonebook and hoping they know what they’re doing.

Mobile Intelligence

Fully mobile CMMS lets you accurately assess time and costs associated with each work order. It also helps those in the field get where the work is to be done. Eliminate wandering large facilities, getting stuck at gates without the gate code, and so on.

  • Providing vendors and techs the information they need, when they need it reduces truck rolls and callbacks. Mobile apps allow you to provide your team with all the data to get the job done right and get it done quickly. Group messaging keeps the team updated and allows for quick problem resolution should an issue arise.
  • GPS location awareness while the work is performed helps you validate that the time you paid for was actually spent on site.
  • Repair/replace intelligence. Asset history and at-a-glance dashboards let you make the decision to stop fixing things when replacing them costs less. Your team needs this insight not just at the office, but standing next to the equipment they’re about to fix.

During an economic contraction, cost control is king. You'll need to manage skinnier margins than ever. You'll need more and better automation, and more intelligent insights to inform your spending decisions. 

  • Reporting: With all these new tasks, you need new categories to validate why your spend may be on the rise. And don’t forget…there may be some tax incentives or stimulus for businesses hit by the pandemic. If you’ve categorized your expenses correctly, providing the necessary documentation will be simple.
  • Asset management: With months of missed revenue, managing your assets more closely and making better decisions is key to get back in the black. Preventive maintenance is more important than ever. You just can’t afford to be down because of your equipment. And you have to expect issues since units have been dormant for months.
  • Electronic invoicing: When it comes to payment, contactless signoff and paperless invoices reduce the transmission of germs. It also saves a ton of money and time, and is a key step to get ROI from your CMMS investment.

Intelligent Cost Control

An intelligent CMMS is no longer a value add, it’s become a necessity. Not only does it let you maximize your assets’ life expectancy, it helps you maximize your resources and find cost savings. It’s also proven a valuable resource during unexpected disasters like the COVID-19 pandemic. If you’re considering a CMMS, you really should talk to a Corrigo expert.

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