Grow Your Team: Should you Add In-House Technicians to Your Vendor Partnerships?

Posted by Christie Turner on Aug 2, 2019 2:55:05 PM


Do You Have the Right Mix of Techs & Vendors?

Take a look at three different business models and see if your mix of vendors and in-house technicians is maximizing your budget dollars and performance.

100% Vendors

Helpful where there is frequent location churn and where facilities have a high complexity of needs. Internal transformations often require outside help, so companies with frequently changing needs may find vendors more appealing. Construction-intensive operations and those with strong seasonality of needs may turn to a vendor-first model.

Vendor/Tech Mix

Helpful for operations with relatively stable locations, assets and a clear geographic overlay. Training, coaching and management resources must be available to ensure that technicians meet internal standards. Technicians also keep an eye on vendors who are working on major projects, adding accountability for vendor performance.

Putting the Models into Practice

Reliance on vendors makes sense for some companies. It eliminates worries about staffing in remote markets, there’s no training burden to carry and, with Corrigo’s trusted network to draw from, you can count on vendors to provide the necessary expertise to solve complex issues.

Meanwhile, some of our clients have transitioned to include technicians as part of their Facilities Management strategy. By bringing the right people in house, clients have achieved better proven response times and built out their proactive maintenance procedures. Any time a tech is in a store, a best practice is to proactively check for 5-7 key things and note any existing or potential problems. Plus, an annual top-to-bottom review of every facility provides the data you need for serious capital planning.

Companies with stable geographic coverage can use their facilities management program to keep stores looking great and running according to very high standards. Plus, strong relationships between the FM team and stores builds an internal culture that supports a stronger branded experience.

How About ROI?

In 2017, a client examined the financial impact of a national HVAC vendor vs. in-house technicians across 91 stores and found that stores with a technician saved nine times more than those with the national vendor. Year over year, stores with technicians saw their R&M spend fall 6.5% in 2018.

Preventative maintenance with in-house techs was also proven to cost just 43% of the cost of using a vendor, even with fully loaded staffing costs. The internal techs also scored better satisfaction ratings, reduced downtime in stores and delivered higher first-call resolution.

How Does Your Mix Stack Up?

If you’re not sure that you’re getting the most out of your tech/vendor mix, Corrigo can help!

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