Five Factors for Future FM Success

Posted by Corrigo on Nov 2, 2020 8:00:00 AM


Elevate Your Position with Data

Proper utilization of CMMS technology will provide the data you need to be a rock star in the boardroom. Elevate yourself and your team by harnessing and disseminating that intelligence. Making smarter decisions will validate the value of both you and your team.


Get Automated

The demands to scale efficiently will continue to increase as technology disrupts the industry. The key to success is automation led by technology. Set a goal. Get 80% work order automation by 2022 and be technology-led FM leaders.


Focus on Service

Insourcing, outsourcing, and out-tasking are blending. There will be no single operating model in the future. The focus will be on the optimal delivery of service, not an operating model.


Drive Technology Adoption to Thrive

Demand end-to-end technology adoption from anyone providing services to your buildings. Get ahead of the curve. You still have time…but not much.  


Embrace Technology

It’s a requirement for survival.


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