Five Things Successful Customers Accomplish with Corrigo CMMS

Posted by Scott Barker on Oct 8, 2020 3:04:07 PM


You’ve implemented Corrigo CMMS and your work order process is flowing better than ever. But you’ve just scratched the surface. A Corrigo superpower is customizing to fit your needs like a well-tailored suit. Here are just a few examples of what some of our customers have done to harness the power of Corrigo to meet their own exact needs.

Warranty Tracking

Jack in the Box was spending an average of $250 per Work Order issued under warranty. By automating the warranty tracking capabilities in Corrigo CMMS, they’ve seen annual savings of nearly $650,000 by eliminating costs associated with paying Service Providers for work under warranty.

They’ve standardized operations by placing warrantees on all newly installed assets, and where work has been recently performed. If a work order is issued for an asset under warranty, automatic work routing rules take over. Jack in the Box automatically issues the work to either the authorized service agent or the service provider who previously performed the service with a $0.00 Not to Exceed (NTE) limit.

GPS Check-in/Check-out

A Fortune 50 company leveraged Corrigo’s GPS functionality to track data on techs’ locations and time onsite. They were then able to not only identify the most productive techs, but also coach up less productive techs with helpful conversations.

GPS also provided the techs with important location data regarding assets to be repaired, saving them time trying to find what equipment needed attention. The team’s response time improved by 33% and the data they were capturing allowed techs to show up with the right parts, in the right location, at the right time.

COVID-19 Work Order Tracking

Floyd’s 99 utilizes the recently added COVID-19 Work Order Tracking field to track the impact of any operational interruption, no matter the cause, down to the asset level. If an asset is down—if it impacts anything—they record that as an incident and can reports to send to the operations team so they can see how these issues affect operations. Floyd’s 99 can now understand the operational impact of anything that breaks. It doesn’t have to take out an entire store. All revenue-impacting events will be reportable, along with the cost and time required to remediate.

Loss Prevention

A major west coast grocery chain’s Loss Prevention team leverages the Corrigo platform to report theft attempts. Theft reporting was previously sent via email, with employees manually keying in. With no formal reporting process, information was often incomplete, erroneous and difficult to standardize across locations. Corrigo fields now prompt users for the correct information.

The company can now provide automated reports to district directors in addition to Loss Prevention managers in each region. It helps store managers identify whether to increase spend on security. By utilizing Corrigo they can rely on hard data when determining where to spend.

The question isn’t “Is Corrigo the most intelligent CMMS?” The question is “Are you harnessing the raw power of Corrigo to maximize your investment, your workflow, and your bottom line?” If you’re not sure, contact us and let us help you take it to the next level.

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